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An interview with Richard Dickson, Mattel’s President and Chief Operating Officer

Since our founders started tinkering in a garage almost 75 years ago, Mattel was founded with purposeful play at its core, and that’s important because PLAY is the key to our future.

At Mattel, everything we do follows our vision to help kids learn and develop in the most playful and creative ways.

Part of this vision is WHYPLAY—a place to celebrate and imagine new possibilities, explore new ideas, innovations and breakthroughs in the world of play.

WHYPLAY will feature videos, articles, and other content highlighting the work Mattel is doing to further the role of play in nurturing the talent and creativity of the world’s children. WHYPLAY will tell the ongoing story of the challenges that play is uniquely capable of solving and how play can positively impact the world.

At its core, Mattel makes a meaningful difference in the lives of children through its products. But it’s more than the toys we imagine, design and create, it’s also the joy our brands are bringing into the world through games, content and entertainment that helps spark hopes and dreams and contributes to the development of kids around the world. It’s about creating the experiences that capture kids’ hearts, open their minds and unlock their potential.

With WHYPLAY, Mattel is providing a hub for the global conversation around play. We’ll look at emerging insights, social change, technology, innovation and more. We’re committed to helping you stay on top of cultural shifts and newsworthy trends, and will bring our unique insights and thought leadership directly to you.

Helping kids prepare for tomorrow’s world is a responsibility we take seriously—it’s why we exist.  We’re excited to share our thinking with you here as we continue in our quest to inspire wonder in the next generation to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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